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Stefan Ivetić - Student Vice-Dean

Stefan Ivetić, student Vice-DeanHe was born on May 27, 1996 in Novi Sad. During elementary school, he participated in competitions in Serbian language and literature. He finished elementary school "Miroslav Antić" in 2011 in Futog. Since high school he was showing interest for law, and especially an interest in the field of criminal law. During high school, he participated in English language competitions. He graduated from the High School "Pinki" in 2015.

He has been a student at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad since the school year 2015/2016. at study program of internal affairs. From the very beginning of his studies, he dedicated himself to academic life, and since 2015 he has been a member of the Student Union of the Faculty of Law, and since 2016 a member of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Law, as well as the Faculty Teaching and Scientific Council. In the same year, he joined the editorial office of the Student newspaper "Pravnik". By switching the paper to the electronic version, he became the Deputy Editor-in-Chief. He was elected vice president of the Student Union in October 2017, and vice president of the Student Parliament of the University of Novi Sad in June 2018.

He is currently a student vice-dean at the Faculty, to which he was elected in April 2019. He is a member by function of the Teaching-Scientific Council of the Faculty, the Faculty Council, as well as the Commission for Quality Assurance and Improvement of the Faculty.

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