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Novi Sad Faculty of Law has developed publishing program. During the first few years following the establishment, great efforts were taken to supply students with appropriate textbook material and inform general public about the results of certain group and individual research projects of both professors and assistants through adequate publications. In 1966, Novi Sad Faculty of Law's scientific journal, named Collected Papers was initiated. From the very moment of its foundation, the journal has been publishing essays, articles, discussions, comments, reviews, bibliographies, and other texts whose authors were the Faculty's professors and assistants, as well as other distinguished national and foreign scientists. The selection of texts is carried out by editorial board and editor-in-chief. Current editor-in-chief is Assistant Professor Dragiša Drakić, Ph.D. Previous editors-in-chief of Collected Papers: Professor Vladimir Kapor, Ph.D. (1966), Professor Nikola Vorgić, Ph.D. (1967-1968), Professor Miloš Stevanov, Ph.D. (1969-1973), Professor Borivoje Pupić, Ph.D. (1974-1976), Professor Milijan Popović, Ph.D. (1977-1983), Professor Stanko Pihler, Ph.D. (1984-1988), Professor Momčilo Grubač, Ph.D. (1989-1991), Professor Jovan Munćan, Ph.D. (1991-1999). Novi Sad Faculty of Law Publishing Center was established in 1991. Sice then, the number of Faculty publications has increased significantly . Within several editions, the Center has published around 60 scholarly monographs, textbooks and handbooks.