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For a more efficient implementation of the mentioned activities, distinct governing and expert bodies, along with the accompanying services, have been formed within the Faculty. Dean, four Vice-Deans and Senate execute managing function. Secretariat is tasked with administrative and technical tasks. It is composed of General Affairs Office, Student Service, and Accounting Office. Publishing Center, Bookshop and Library are separate organizational units.

Dean and Vice-Deans

Dean manages the work of the Faculty of Law. He suggests basic office policies, internal organization, decides upon students' requests, and all other matters falling within his jurisdiction; he monitors the enforcement of decisions and conclusions adopted by Faculty bodies, and performs all other duties envisaged by the law, Faculty Statute and other regulations. Dean is responsible for the realization of educational and academic activities at the Faculty. Senate elects the Dean among the Faculty’s lecture staff, and at Dean’s proposal, elects four Vice-Deans to assist him/her in the performance of aforementioned duties. 

The present Dean is Professor Branislav Ristivojević, Ph.D., Vice-deans are: Professor Slobodan Orlović, Ph.D. for finance, Professor Tatjana Bugarski Ph.D., for study affairs, Assistant professor Bojan Tubić, for international cooperation and Professor Gordana Drakić, Ph.D. for science.

Former deans of Novi Sad Faculty of Law: Professor Aleksandar Magarašević, Ph.D. (1959-1962), Professor Toša Tišma, Ph.D. (1962), Professor Vladimir Kapor, Ph.D. (1962-1966), Professor Ratko Pešić, Ph.D. (1967-1969), Professor Nikola Vorgić, Ph.D. (1969-1973), Professor Slavko Carić (1973-1975), Professor Miloš Stevanov, Ph.D. (1975-1979), Professor Mladen Stojanov, Ph.D. (1977-1979), Professor Momčilo Grubač, Ph.D. (1979-1981), Professor Milijan Popović, Ph.D. (1981-1983), Professor Milorad Josipović, Ph.D. (1983-1985), Professor Ljubiša Milošević, Ph.D. (1985-1987), Professor Slavko Carić, Ph.D. (1987-1989), Professor Antun Malenica, Ph.D. (1989-1991), Professor Zoran Stojanović, Ph.D. (1991-1992), Professor Dragan Milkov, Ph.D. (1992-1998), Professor Ljubomirka Krkljuš, Ph.D. (1998-2000), Professor Ranko Keča, Ph.D. (2000), Professor Srđan Šarkic Ph.D. (2000-2002), Professor Dušan Nikolić Ph.D. (2002-2004), Professor Olga Cvejić Jančić Ph.D. (2004-2006), Professor Đorđe Popov, Ph.D. (2006-2009), Professor Ranko Keča, Ph.D. (2009-2015).


Faculty Senate is the governing body at the Faculty. It is composed of twelve representatives elected by Scholarly and Academic Council and two representatives elected by lecture staff, 3 representatives from Student Parliament and 3 representatives chosen by the Faculty's founder – the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Faculty Senate decides upon the use of Faculty resources, adopts annual work program, financial plan, employment report and budgetary statement; it appoints and dismisses Dean and Vice-Deans of the Faculty, enacts Faculty Statute and undertakes other such tasks foreseen by Faculty Statute.

Scholarly and Academic Council

Scholarly and Academic Council is composed of 9 professors, heads of departments, 3 assistants elected by their peers and 3 students, members of Student Parliament. Student Vice dean is, regarding member of the Council. The Dean chairs the sessions of the Council. The Scholarly and Academic Council creates a curriculum and syllabi for basic, specialized, master and doctoral studies, it decides upon a program for academic research and projects conducted by the Faculty, confirms measures for the encouragement of development of notably successful and gifted students, and academic and scholarly cooperation of the Faculty with institutions both within the country and abroad.


Within the academic and scholarly activities of the Faculty there are 26 full professors, 5 associate professors, 10 assistant professors, 16 assistants and 4 teaching assistants, who are spread out among 9 departments. A department is comprised of one or more related study subjects. The Faculty contains following departments: Department of Civil Law, Department of Commercial Law, Department of Criminal Law, Department of History of State and Law, Department of Public Law, Department of Labor and Welfare Law, Department of International Law and Department of Law and Economics. Each department has a head, secretary, and council. Department Council suggests course syllabi and methods for the implementation of curriculum on undergraduate, master, specialized and doctoral study levels for courses belonging to the Department; research projects conducted by the Department, course materials, etc.

Department Council consists of full-time employed professors and assistants who teach courses belonging to the department.


The Secretariat performs administrative and technical tasks at the Faculty. The Secretary of the Law Faculty runs the Secretariat. He/she represents the Faculty in affairs conferred unto him/her by the Dean, drafts proposals for enactment, oversees the implementation of decisions adopted by Faculty bodies, directly coordinates the work of professional and technical services within the Secretariat, and takes on other such tasks decided upon by the Dean.

The Secretary of Novi Sad Faculty of Law is Stanisav Masalović.

Former Secretaries of the Faculty: Konstantin Popović (1959-1973), Nikola Vujašković (1973-1975), Slobodan Vlaisavljević (1975-1978), Jeronim Čuturić (1978-1991), Aleksandar Radovanov (1991-1994), Mihailo Nešković (1994-2009), Biljana Tomić-Uzelac (2009.-2017.)

Student Services

Student Services are tasked with matters regarding enrollment and dismissal of students, preparing lecture and exercise schedules, verifying semester and year attendance, receiving and processing registration applications for examinations, keeping record of examination results, preparing certificates and official transcripts within their authority, processing documentation for the issuing of diplomas on undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and undertake similar affairs on the request of Dean and Vice-Deans. 

The Student Services workers are Ljubomir Knežević, adviser for student affairs, Milana Pantelić, Snežana Kačavenda, Svetlana Trbojević and Predrag Jovanov, clerks.

The Head of Student Services is Milan Babić, LL.B.

Previous heads of Student Services: Vojsilav Kerešević (1962-1974) and Stanoje Stanojević (1974-1985).

Accounting Office

Accounting Office executes financial affairs of the Faculty. The members of Accounting Office are Bosiljka Pavlović and Milana Crveni. The head of Accounting Office is Tanja Petrović, economist.

Previous heads of Accounting Office: Smiljana Sauer (1959-1971), Milutin Popov (1971-1975), Duško Laković (1976-1977), Milan Nikolić (1977-1978), and Mira Biler (1978-1982).

General Affairs Office

The General Affairs Office carries out a number of administrative and technical duties. 

General Affairs Office consists of following members: Marija Komaromi - Dean's Office Secretary, Dušica Kozić – clerk for general affairs, Milan Ljubinković - clerk for photocopying, Dragan Ostojić - housekeeper, Suzana Novitović – dactylographer, Goran Tomić – receptionist, Slavko Mirčetić - receptionist, Kosa Kovačević – cleaning staff, Nevenka Kovačević – cleaning staff, Sonja Mijatović – cleaning staff, Alena Abelovski – cleaning staff, Ružica Maljah – cleaning staff, Igor Dešić - systems engineer, Svetislav Isakov - technician.

The head of General Affairs Office is Snežana Petrović, LL.B.

The previous head of the General Affairs Office was Branislav Milinkov.

Publishing Center and Bookshop

Publishing Center publishes textbooks, manuals, and academic monographs written by professors and assistants of the Faculty, according to the plan and program adopted annualy by Publishing Council. Faculty publications can be purchased at the Faculty's bookshop or via book-selling network. Furthermore, the Faculty's bookshop offers students textbooks and manuals from other publishers. 

The President of Publishing Council is Professor Ljubomir Stajić Ph.D. The Bookshop employees are Radivoj Malešević and Željko Mirić.