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Annual meeting of the Law Subject Committee

P6015103On 1 June 2012. Novi Sad Faculty of Law hosted the annual meeting of the Law Subject Committee of the international program of student mobility - Campus Europae (European University Foundation). At the meeting participated the following representatives of partner universities: Prof. Matthew Happold (University of Luxembourg, Chair), Mr. Bernd Justin Jütte (Chair Assistant), Prof. Hayrettin Caglar (Gazi University), Mr. Archil Chochia (Tallin University of Technology), Prof. Anatoly Gusev (Novgorod State University), Mr. Michael Kaszubski (University of Lodz), Dr. Alla Sokolova (EHU Vilnius), Prof. Charles Szymanski (Vytatas Magnus University), Ms. Laura Tammenletho (University of Eastern Finland), Prof. Matti Tolvanen (University of Eastern Finland), Ms. Julia Höltge (Student Representative). Novi Sad Faculty of Law was represented by Prof. Slobodan Orlovic and Mr. Bojan Tubić.

The Committee was welcomed to the University of Novi Sad by Vice Rector for International Relations and Science, Prof. Pavle Sekeruš and International Relations Officer Ms. Ivana Đokvučić. For the Faculty of Law Vice Dean Prof. Slobodan Orlović welcomed all participants.

Prof Anatoly Gusev introduced the Law Faculty of Novgorod State University as the newest member to the Committee.

The Committee agreed to take a next step in developing cooperation on the graduate level by implementing double-P6015106degrees on the master level. For this purpose, bilateral agreements between compatible faculties should be concluded, independent of the relevant provisions on undergraduate exchange of the Cooperation Agreement concluded between the faculties. It was agreed that possible matches between faculties should be identified before the next meeting, which would serve to discuss the framework in more detail.

It was presented that the Campus Europae could provide limited financial support for student-centered cooperation between the faculties. Also, it was concluded that cooperation on PhD level would be encouraged within the partner universities.