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Dragana Ćorić Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Coric Dragana

Dragana Ćorić Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Born in Leskovac in 1976. She graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 2000. She worked as an intern at a law office in Novi Sad from 2000 to 2001. In 2001, she was elected for the position of Assistant for the course in Theory of State and Law.

She was the Secretary of the Department for Theory of State and Law, Philosophy of Law and Sociology.

She successfully completed a specialization course Comparative Studies of Central Europe and specialization studies Deutsche Rechtsschule “2002/2003” in German, organized by the Novi Sad Faculty of Law and the University of Münster (Germany).

During the 2004/2005 academic year, she took part in lecturing at the Legal English optional course, teaching the Rules of Professional Conduct, Conflicts of Interest Between Lawyer and Client and Organization of Courts in the USA.

As of March 2004, she is on the list of reviewers of the Political Studies Review published by the Department of Government of the London School of Economics and Political Science for the fields of Legal Theory, Methodology, Political Parties and Political Theory.

She has participated in the following seminars and conferences: Achieving National Consensus for Accession to the EU, EU enlargement of 2004 and its Impact on Candidate Countries, IUC Dubrovnik, Living in Multiethnic Environments, Helsinki Board for Human Rights in Serbia, Novi Sad Division.

Area of academic interest: justice and equity, time factor in law, retroactivity, legal norms, (con)federalism.

She is the author of around 50 academic works.

Time in Law, Centar za izdavačku delatnost Pravnog fakulteta u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad 2007. 

Languages: Russian, English, German, Italian, Spanish.

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.