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Zoran Lončar, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Zoran Lončar, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 1989.In 1993. he earned his LL.M. degree from the Belgrade Law Faculty with thesis Extralegal Control of Administration.In 2000. he defended his doctoral dissertation Ministerial Responsibiliti-With Special Reference to Yugoslav Law at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law.

He started his university carrier in 1990. when he was elected to the position of Assistant for the Department of Public Law at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law.He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2000.He teaches courses in  Administrative Law,Administrative Law-special part,Science on Administration and Local Self Government to the students of Undergraduate and Master studies at the Novi Sad  Faculty of Law.

Areas of academic and professional interest: administrative law, local self government.

Languages: English, French.

Assistant Professor Zoran Lončar, Ph.D. is the author of one book and about forty other academic and professional articles.


Zoran Lončar, Administrative Law-special part, Zavod za izdavanje udžbenika, Belgrade, 2005.

Relevant social activitates and positions:

Legal advizer to the Commission for creating the Constitutional Charter of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (2002-2003);

Legal advizer to the Constitutional Commission of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (2006);

Member of the Republic Electoral Commission (2002-2008);

Member of the Bar Exam Commission of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia for the course in Administrative Law (2004-2009);

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