Predrag Jovanović Ph.D., Full Professor

Jovanovic Predrag

Predrag Jovanović Ph.D., Full Professor
Head of the Department

Predrag Jovanović was born in 1951 in Pirot, Serbia. He graduated from the Law Faculty in Novi Sad. He received his LLM degree in 1980 from the Belgrade Faculty and his thesis “Problems of Labour Migrations in Vojvodina” was graded with distinction. In 1983 he defended his doctoral dissertation “Employment Contracts” at the same law faculty. In 1976 he was elected as assistant at the Law Faculty in Novi Sad, progressed through all teaching positions and was later elected as full professor in 1994. He teaches courses in labour law and welfare law. He has been Director of the Institute for Commercial Law and Economics at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law, President of the Serbia and Montenegro Association for Labour Law and Social Security, and a member of the Social Council of Federal Government. He is currently Head of the Department of Labour and Welfare Law at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law, and Vice-President of the Serbian Association for Labour Law and Social Security. He is also a member of the Working Groups organised by the ministry of Labour of Serbia for the development of new legal texts of the law on labour, the law on mobbing, the law on employee participation, and the law on strikes.

Areas of academic interest include labour law (national and international), EU labour and welfare law, and social security law.

He has published around 130 academic articles and scholarly writings. 


Languages: Russian, English



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