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Darko Božičić, assistant

Darko Boii

Darko Božičić, assistant


Born in Novi Sad in 1989, where he has accomplished primary school and high school. Enrolled FacultyofLaw, University of Novi Sad in 2008/2009 academic year, where he graduated from in 2012. In 2014 he earned his Master of Laws degree as he had defended master thesis entitled “Collective Bargaining in International, European and Domestic Law and Practice”.The same year he hasstartedPhDstudies at theFaculty ofLaw, University of Novi Sad.
In March 2013 he was appointed Teaching Assistant in Labour Law course at the FacultyofLaw, University of Novi Sad, having previously worked in the banking sector. In 2015 he was elected for Assistant in the same course.

Languages: English

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