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Uroš Stanković, Ph.D., Teaching Assistant with Doctoral Degree

Uro Stanovi

Uroš Stanković, Ph.D., Teaching  Assistant with Doctoral Degree
Secretary of the Department


Uroš Stanković was born in 1985 in Vukovar. He attended elementary school in his birthplace and Bačka Palanka, and grammar school in Novi Sad. He enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad in 2004, and graduated from the same faculty in 2008. In the same year he was elected assistant trainee for the course of Legal History II (Serbian Legal History) at his alma mater, whereat he enrolled at master studies, which he completed in 2009 by defending master thesis Preki sud za učesnike u Ivanjudanskom atentatu (Summary Criminal Court for the participants in Ivanjdan Assassination Attempt). He obtained doctor’s degree in 2016, after having defended doctoral dissertation Črezvičajni sud nad buntovnicima i preki sud formiran povodom Katanske bune (Irregular Court for the Rebels and Summary Criminal Court Formed on the Occasion of the Hussars’ Rebellion).

Uroš Stanković is the author of more than 20 scientific articles and he had participated in over 10 scientific conferences.

He speaks English and has passive knowledge French, German and Russian.