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Nataša Deretić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Nataa Dereti

Nataša Deretić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Nataša Deretić was born in Uroševac (Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija) in 1956. She graduated from the Law School of the University in Priština in 1978 and started working there as a teaching assistant for Roman Law in 1980.  She got her master's degree in 1989, and defended her doctoral thesis in 1997 before the board consisting of Prof. Antun Malenica, PhD, Prof. Sima Avramović, PhD, and Prof. Miroslav Milošević, PhD.

As an assistant professor, she taught Roman Law at the Law School in Priština from 1997 to 2003, when she was also elected assistant professor for National History of State and Law at the Police Academy in Belgrade.  She continued teaching Roman Law at rhe Law School in Priština as a part-time teacher, but in October 2008 she decided to leave both the Police Academy in Belgrade and the Law School in Priština, since she was elected a full-time faculty member at the Law School of the University in Novi Sad.  Since then she has been teaching Roman Law as a teacher in the academic rank of assistant professor.

She has participated in a number of scientific meetings in the country and abroad. Beside papres related to her specialist field - history of law, in 2008 she published a coursebook entitled National History of State and Law intended for students of the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies.

Area of her academic interest: family relations in legal history

Languages: English, Russian, Italian.


Nataša Deretić, Marriage in history of law, Centar za izdavačku delatnost Pravnog fakulteta u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad 2011.


1. Antun Malenica, Nataša Deretić - "Roman law", 10th edition, Novi Sad, 2011.

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