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Nenad Radivojević Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Nenad Radivojevi

Nenad Radivojević Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Born in Senta in 1987. Finished high school in Novi Kneževac, in 2006. Enrolled Law Faculty in Novi Sad in 2006/2007, and graduated in 2010. During his studies, he was awarded with the distinguished prize of the University of Novi Sad for the success achieved in the 2006/2007 academic year. In the year 2009/2010, he won a scholarship for young talents of the Republic of Serbia as one of the thousands of top students.

Master academic studies of the second degree in the study program Internal affairs studies entered in 2010, and ending them in 2012 defending the final work entitled "Security Culture as a Factor of Control System Security." Heenrolled Doctoral studies – Public Law in 2012.and ending them in 2019 defending the doctoral dissertation entitled “Public-PrivatePartnership in the Field of PublicSecurity in DevelopedCountries with SpecialReference to the Republic of Serbia”

He was elected teachingassistant in2011, assistant in 2013, assistant with Ph.D in 2019 and assistant professor in 2020. He gives lessons in Security System at the undergraduate studies at the Internal affairs studies. Since the school year 2011/2012he participates in the implementation of practical training for students of the fourth year ofInternal affairsstudiesin the Police Administration in Novi Sad as coordinator. He also participated in the organization of the visit of the student of the study program Internal Affairs to the Security-Information Agency, as well as to other state bodies and security services. From 2013-2016he wasthe editor of the Bulletin (internal newsletter of the Faculty of Law). Since 2013 he iscoordinator ofLegal Clinic for combating trafficking of human beings and secretary of the Legal Clinics Council. From2015-2018 he was a member of the Scholarly and Academic Council and from 2018-2019 he was a member of the Faculty Council. Since 2015 he is the secretary of the Centre for Private Security at the Law Faculty in Novi Sad. He prepared workshops with which the Faculty presented at the Science Festival organized by the University of Novi Sad, as well as trial simulations within the Center for Simulation.

He speaks English.

Areas of academic interest: security system, security culture, control of security services, private security, energy security.

Selected articles:
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