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Branislav Ristivojević, Ph.D. Full Professor

Branislav Ristivojevi

Branislav Ristivojević, Ph.D. Full Professor


Born in Novi Sad in 1972. He graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 1996, as the best student of generation. He was elected for an assistant at the same Faculty in 1997 for the Criminal Law course. He received Magister of Law degree from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law having defended thesis titled ‘Command Responsibility in International Criminal Law – Responsibility for the Acts of Subordinates’. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Belgrade Faculty of Law in 2006, when he defended a thesis titled ‘Crimes Аgainst Humanity from the Point of View of Criminal Law’.

Prof. Ristivojević became an assistant professor in 2007 and an associate professor in 2012. He was elected to the position of full professor in 2017 and he is a head of the Department of Criminal Law of the Novi Sad Law Faculty. At the undergraduate level of studies, he teaches Criminal Law, Misdemeanor Law and International Criminal Law. At master studies Prof. Ristivojević gives lectures in following subjects: Human trafficking, Domestic violence, International crimes, Responsibility of the superior in International Criminal Law, Interpretation in Criminal Law, while on Ph.D. studies he teaches Criminal Law – deepened course (selected topics).

Prof. Ristivojević is a Dean of the Novi Sad Faculty of Law since 2018.  Prior to that, he has been Vice-Dean for since (2015-2018) and Vice-Dean for Finance (2008-2015).  In his professional engagement, he was witness expert in several cases before the ICTY, as well as an adviser for legal affairs of the Serbian Prime Minister in two mandates. Also, he was a member of the Nationa Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and president of its Committe on Legislative Issues, as well as a president of the Committe on the Judiciary.
Prof. Ristivojević is a member of the Management Committee of the international project ‘Global Atrocity Justice Constellations’, in the field of International Criminal Law, which is organized by the academic network COST, with 38 participating countries, supported by the EU Framework for Research and Technological Development.

He participated in four international congresses by invitation: Riga, Latvia 1997; Athens, Greece, 2000; Amsterdam, 2017; Sarajevo, 2020.

He is the author of 4 books and more than 30 academic and scientific articles.

Area of academic interest: International Criminal Law, Human trafficking, Domestic violence

Languages: English and German.

1. Responsibility for the Actions of a Subordinate in International Criminal Law: Command Responsibility, Author’s publication, Novi Sad 2003;
2. International Crimes I, published by the Novi Sad Law Faculty, Novi Sad, 2011;
3. International Crimes II, published by the Novi  Sad Faculty of Law, Novi Sad, 2014;
4. Myth about Trafficking in Persons in International Criminal Law, published by the Novi  Sad Faculty of Law, Novi Sad, 2015;

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