Dušanka Đurđev, Ph.D. Full Professor

Dusanka Djurdjev

Dušanka Đurđev, Ph.D. Full Professor

Born in Pančevo in 1952. She graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 1976 where she received her LL.M. degree in 1980 with thesis “Contract on Transportation of Goods in Inland Navigation”. In 1984 she defended her doctoral dissertation “Contractual Liability of a Railway Shipper Arising from the Transportation Contract” at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law. She was elected for the assistant at the Commercial Law Department in 1976 and promoted to assistant professor in 1985, to associate professor in 1990, and to the full professor in 1995. She teaches International Commercial Law both to law students and students of the group for Internal Affairs. She also teaches elective course in International Sale of Goods.

She served as Director of the Institute for Commercial Law.

Professor Dušanka Đurđev, Ph.D. is a member of Yugoslav Association for International Law, Yugoslav Association for EU Law, Association of Business Lawyers of Yugoslavia, Association of Lawyers of Novi Sad, Serbia, and Yugoslavia. She has been mentor to a number of LL.M. and Ph.D. candidates.

Area of academic interest: international traffic law, foreign investments, arbitrations.

Dušanka Đurđev Ph.D. published more than 80 scholarly writings.

Languages: English.

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6. International Business Law (co-author), Novi Sad, 2007.
7. The Basics of Environmental Law (co-author), Centar za izdavačku delatnost Pravnog fakulteta u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad, 2009.

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