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Marko Knežević Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Marko Kneevi
Marko Knežević Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Born in Novi Sad in 1984, where he has accomplished grammar school and high school. He enrolled Law Faculty, University of Novi Sad in 2002, where he graduated in June 2006.
In 2008he obtained Magister of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. In 2015he acquired Ph.D. degree from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law.

In December 2006, he was admitted at the Faculty as assistant for Civil Procedural Law. In 2018 he was elected to the position of assistant professor. He teaches courses in Civil Procedure Law and Arbitration Law at undergraduate level, Civil Enforcement Law at master level, as well as Civil Procedure Law at Ph.D. level.

Prof. Knežević has passed state judicial exam in 2009 summa qum laude. He was arbitrator in one arbitration proceeding; in two other he was acting as legal expert.

In 2010 he obtained scolarship from Max Planc Institute for Foreign and International Private Law in Hamburg for academic research (two months).

Area of academic interest: Civil Procedural Law, especially Principles of Civil Procedure: relation between procedural and substantional civil law: Arbitration Law.

Languages: English and German

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