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Sanja Radovanović, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Radovanovic Sanja

Sanja Radovanović, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Born in Goražde (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1976. She graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 1999. As an outstanding student she received several awards: University Certificate for the best law student in 1996/97 and 1997/98 academic years; Diploma for academic excellence for 1996/97 and 1997/98 academic years, The Matica Srpska Award for the best student of social science (1999), Norwegian Embassy Diploma for “Promising generation” (2000), and the WUS scholarship for perspective young university researcher in 2001/2002. She finished the basic course of law studies as the best student of the Faculty of Law for the 1998/99 academic year. After graduation she clerked at the Commercial Court in Novi Sad. In 2001 she was elected for the assistant for the course Introduction to Civil Law and Property. She received her LL.M. degree form Novi Sad Faculty of Law with thesis “Compensation for material damages in Copyright law”. She stayed at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual property in Munich from October 2004 until February 2005 and from June 2005 until October 2005. In 2010 at the Belgrade Faculty of Law she defended her doctoral dissertation “Software License Agreement”, which was graded with distinctions. She was elected in 2013. for Assistant Professor for the course the Law of Obligations.

She participated in several conferences and seminars.

Area of academic interest: general theory of obligations law, contract law, and intellectual property.

Languages: English, German.

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