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Radenka Cvetić, Ph.D. Full Professor

Cvetic Radenka

Radenka Cvetić, Ph.D. Full Professor

Born in Sremska Mitrovica in 1960. She is a 1983 graduate of the Novi Sad Faculty of Law where she also received her LL.M. degree in 1987 with thesis “Integration of Land for Agricultural Use – Legal Aspects”. At the Law Faculty in Niš she defended her doctoral dissertation “Preemption Rights”. She held the position of an assistant at Department of Civil Law from 1984 to 2000 when she was promoted to the assistant professor. She was elected for associate professor in 2005, and for full professor in 2010. She teaches Civil Law (general part and property) law students and Internal Affair Studies Group as well as an optional course in Practical legal education (Civil Law). She is the professor on doctoral studies at Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, study program: private law. As the assistant she taught practical exercises in International Commercial Law and the Law for Economists to students of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica.

Inter-university co-operation programmes gave her the opportunity to visit law faculty in Hale (Germany), Miskolc (Hungary), New Jersey (USA). From 2002 to 2004 she was the secretary of the program Practical Legal Education, realised with the aid of American Association of Lawyers for Central and Eastern Europe (ABA/CEELI). She participated in annual conference of ABA/CEELI AND Initiative for Connection of Balcan faculties of law (Budva 2001, Skoplje 2002, Rijeka 2003), and the courses about legal clinics (Niš 2001, Skoplje 2002). Within the framework for the connection of Balkan law faculties she visited Rutgers University School of Law, Center for Law and Justice, Newark, New Yersey (USA).

She held the position of Vice-dean for Study Affairs from December 2002 to October 2004.

Area of academic interest: general part of civil law, property, law of obligations, civil codes, abuse of rights, damages, types of ownership, pre-emption rights, posession, land registries.

She is the author or co-author of 5 books, around 100 academic articles and several entries in the Lexicon on Civil Law.

Languages: English, Russian.

1. Danica Popov – Radenka Cvetić – Dušan Nikolić, Textbook for Civil Law, Vol. I – General Part, TIM NT, Novi Sad, 1991.
2. Danica Popov – Radenka Cvetić – Dušan Nikolić, Textbook for Civil Law, Vol. II – Property, Nauka, Belgrade 1992.
3. Radenka Cvetić, Preemption Rights, SCI, Novi Sad, 2002.
4. Radenka Cvetić, Textbook for Case law – Civil Law (Legal Effects of Possession), 3D+, Novi Sad, 2004.
5. Radenka Cvetić, Contemporary Real Estate Public Records, 3D+, Novi Sad 2009. 

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