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Branislav Ristivojević, Ph.D. Full Professor

Branislav Ristivojevic

Branislav Ristivojević, Ph.D. Full Professor

Born in Novi Sad in 1972. He graduated from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law in 1996. He was elected for the assistant at the same faculty in 1997 for the Criminal Law course. He received his LL.M. degree from the Novi Sad Faculty of Law having defended thesis titled “Command Responsibility in International Criminal Law – Responsibility for the Acts of Subordinates”.

He participated in two international congresses: Riga, Latvia 1997; Athens, Greece, 2000.

Area of academic interest: international criminal law.

Branislav Ristivojević is a counsellor in the defence team in the case of Krajišnik before the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia in the Hague. He was the leader of the parliamentary group of Serbian Democratic Party in Serbian National Assembly.

He is the author of 1 book and 30 academic articles.

Languages: English.

1. Responsibility for the Actions of a Subordinate in International Criminal Law: Command Responsibility, Author’s publication, Novi Sad 2003.

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