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It has been more than fifty years since the National Assembly of People's Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the Establishment of the Law Faculty in Novi Sad. Half a century of the Faculty is the tradition to which it can reasonably be proud. This period is marked with the important ideas about the development of Faculty in the best possible scientific and educational institution. Effort of generations of professors, students and staff at our Faculty has been incorporated in that noble goal.


Professor Branislav Ristivojević,

Dean of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad

 The idea of the Faculty as a top scientific and educational institution essentially determined all aspects of faculty life. In achieving this objective the individual efforts of employees harmoniously intertwined with a collective sense of the particular responsibility of the Faculty for high-level education of students and development of legal science in general.

 The Faculty strives to continue to be an optimal environment for the development of a successful university career. It carefully selected youngest, assisting staff, which, supported by senior colleagues and with good conditions for work and progress, over time have grown into a recognized scientific authorities. A representative teaching staff was created, which is constantly expanded and renewed primarily from among the most successful students of our faculty. Such a basis could successfully respond to the complex and sometimes difficult challenges, caused by transitional changes and alteration of existing social structures and the need to harmonize legal education with supposed integration process of our country in a wider European context.

The Faculty has been constantly changing and adapting to the demands of time, driven by external but to a much greater extent its own reasons. This process involved sufficient determination, but also necessary precautions. The curricula have been subject to constant review and improvement, all in an effort to determine the best frames of legal education. Innovation of the curriculum was followed by the parallel introduction of new teaching methods and approaches, especially those that result in development of information technology. The cooperation is established with a number of state institutions and other relevant entities which provide possibility to acquire practical legal knowledge and skills. At the very Faculty Law Clinic successfully operates in a separate classroom that is equipped as a courtroom, where simulation trials are held. Diverse forms which offer the mobility of students  are supported. Acquiring new knowledges and experiences in other institutions at home and abroad are mainly in realized in close cooperation with relevant student organizations, with strong financial and moral support of the Faculty.

Research work has been continually nurtured and developed. The training of teachers and associates at home and abroad, including participation in national and international scientific meetings, is supported. The Faculty provides all necessary conditions for successful scientific work and training. A special place belongs to the library which is, with its collection one of the most important institutions of this kind in the field of social sciences. It is particularly worth mentioning that the renewal of library holdings was not interrupted even in times of extremely poor financial condition of the Faculty. The library fund is fully computer-processed and adapted to the needs of scientific research.  The Faculty is linked with the most significant legal bases in the country and the world and they are available to teaching staff and students. In addition to participation in research projects realized by the Ministry of Science, the Faculty of successfully develops its own projects as a suitable form to stimulate scientific work of teachers and researchers. The research results are predominantly published in appropriate publications of the Publishing Center, among which particularly stands out the journal Collected Papers of the Law Faculty in Novi Sad, with a tradition of continuous publication of over forty years.

The Faculty has a very rich, sometimes even multidecennial cooperation with a number of law faculties in the country and abroad. This cooperation has gradually become more intensive and meaningful. The Faculty is the founder of the Academic Community of State Law Faculties through which the activities of state faculties regarding most important questions of legal education are coordinated .

Faculty supports all aspects of student engagement, from those closely connected to the implementation of basic activities to the extracurricular activities such as sports and leisure. There is a considerable degree of mutual understanding and support. In a longer term our students had notable participations in national and international competitions in the terms of rhetoric and moot court. For years, our students achieved very good results at judicial examinations. Graduate students of our faculty are recognized as quality and successful lawyers in performing series of tasks, including the most complex in the fields of judicial and executive powers.

Finally, the Faculty develops and functions within the framework of the larger whole in which is harmoniously integrated and connected. As a part of the University of Novi Sad, the Faculty supports and contributes to its functions and promotion of academic freedom and values.


                                                                                                Professor Branislav Ristivojević,

                                                                                                Dean of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad